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My Story


I'm Ellen.

I have had a camera in my hand since grade school, documenting and capturing life around me as it happens.  I turned this form of expression into my career over the years, after studying Photography and Communications at Appalachian State University.

Q and A: About Me

How would I describe my style?

Authentic, candid, unobtrusive, happy, emotional coverage through photojournalistic capturing.  

What is photojournalism to me?  

Capturing your story through the big and small moments, from the events throughout the day to the tiny details that make it special by being a bystander, documenting things as they unravel.  Guiding clients through some posing and direction of light but never creating your story, instead letting it happen naturally.  Organic Storytelling!

What do I strive to deliver?  What am I trying to create for you?

Moments captured to remember and share for this lifetime and beyond.  To make a lasting relationship and watch families grow and change.  To help that one out of every two that dreads having their picture taken, enjoy the process more.  An experience that is painless and positive. To make people feel relaxed and to capture them truly being themselves, laughing, showing emotion and enjoyment.  The interaction we have is not just about the end product, it's about the whole experience from start to finish!

What do I love most about weddings?

How no two are alike!  I love handwritten vows, speeches that make people laugh till they cry.  Seeing old friends share a moment together.  The smells of each season in the air and colors that match.  The excitement of walking down the aisle and seeing the other person at the end.  Especially if the groom loses composure for a second in that moment, love that!  Watching parents and grandparents see the children they have nurtured, grow up before them.  Watching two people share so much love during those first dances, with each other and their parents. People letting their hair down and having a good time on the dance floor.  Everything about each event, whether it rains or snows or any matter of things happen, its what everyone there goes through together and tells that unique story that makes it great fun!

What do I love about Portrait sessions?

No two of these are alike either.  Whether it's a new baby, a boudoir session, a family portrait with the grandparents and so on, there is always an occasion to each session that makes it special.  Every family dynamic is different and each day and season has something new to offer.  The pace of a smaller session like these is more time to compose a shot, but also time to let kids run around and have candid moments.  Ultimately I enjoy all interactions my camera affords me to have with others.


What else do I love?  


fresh food


the smell of spring

fall winds

handwritten letters

fresh cut flowers

baking a cake


hosting a dinner party

a babies giggle

my mom

making new friends


a laugh so genuine you snort

good coffee

a campfire

a new magazine

the joy in sharing something I make with others


Contact me with questions.  I am currently booking for 2016 and 2017 events and portraits.